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A Soza product

Personalised Alerts

Alerts can be subscribed to on a personalised basis. Users can select what alerts to receive and how often.

Wellness Advice

Guidance and advice on how to improve your wellness score through a personalised health and wellness improvement plan . 


Daily reminders to keep you on track in your health journey. These reminders encourage you to make conscious decisions about healthy eating and exercising. 

100 days
General Health

Subscribe to this product to receive daily health and wellness reminder messages. These messages will encourage you to think about your diet, exercise and lifestyle. Small changes tailored to you will help improve general health and wellness.

30 days
Beginners Exercise

Subscribe to this product to receive 30 days of exercise guidance for beginners. How to build in exercise into your home life and your working day.

30 days
Bye Bye Junk Food

Subscribe to this product to receive daily suggestions on easy healthy food substitutions for junk foods.

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